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St. Pius X Staff

Our compassionate and dedicated staff is here to serve you.

Feel free to contact one of our staff members below or Click Here to submit a general comment.

Staff _ (10).jpg

Fr. Marty Lukas OSFS

419-535-7672 x225

StPiusStaff21 -  (7).jpg

Christine Velker
Parish Secretary

419-535-7672 x221

StPiusStaff21 -  (17).jpg

 Deacon Bob Fedynich
Business Manager

419-535-7672 x227

StPiusStaff21 -  (6).jpg

Susan Richardson
School Principal

419-535-7688 x233

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Fr. Craig Irwim OSFS
Parochial Vicar

419-535-7672 x223

StPiusStaff21 -  (9).jpg

Marilyn Gerathy

419-535-7672 x228

StPiusStaff21 -  (62).jpg

Sue Jagodzinski
School Secretary

419-535-7688 x232

StPiusStaff21 -  (55).jpg

Kim Grajczyk
Organist and Choir Director


StPiusStaff21 -  (33).jpg

Lisa Baumann
Religious Education Coordinator and Sacristian

419-535-7672 x224

StPiusStaff21 -  (37).jpg

Duane Hoschak
Director of Maintenance

419-535-7672 x258

StPiusStaff21 -  (29).jpg

Fr. David Whalen OSFS
Priest-Assistant (In Residence)

419-535-7672 x264


Deacon Bill Petro


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